June 16th 2012 M&D’s Sports Bar Sterling, IL

First let me just say had a blast at M&D’s Sportsbar the room was packed the people very friendly and the audience enjoyed themselves as much as we enjoyed the audience. Here are my 2 co starts for the nite Ramone and Leah Eva. Ramone opened the show it what typically was going to be a rowdy bar crowd (the kind that came to party then a comedy show breaks out) but Ramone was able to sart the show and by the time Leah went up to feature they were like a comedy club crowd with a few exceptions.

Special shout out to the owner Illr (pronounce A Lear) who makes some of the best hot wings i have ever tasted and Deven my new favorite bartender, this show rocked and a good time was had by all.

Also need to mention Ken a kool as hell guy we met there and of course my heckler Jay who was enjoying himself immensely

Alos there is Megan a beautiful lady (pic right below) who could have been my next baby momma easily but she was only 27, if I was only into young chicks.

Ever in Sterling, Il stop by have a beer and wings you won’t be disappointed

By Gene Renfroe

June 8th & 9th Riddles Comedy Club

This weekend had the pleasure of performing with 2 of the funniest guys on the Chicago comedy scene, my road dog Collin Bullock was featuring and hosting the shows the very funny Eric Pennell. Also need to give a shoutout to a few comics who came by and did a guest set Dan Brennan on Friday night and Leah Eva on Saturday night. The shows were fun as usual and being right outside of Chicago I got to hang with other funny comics who came by to say hi Aaron Foster and Jay Washington.

No drama like stalkers or signing boobs (don’t cry) but a real blast to be in a club. The best part of Saturday’s show was that my younger brother Sean came out and saw my act both shows (what a trooper) and we got to hang out and talk like when we were kids. Put the importance of family back at the forefront for me again.

By Gene Renfroe

June 1st and 2nd 2012 Holly Hotel Holly Michigan

This past weekend I  had the pleasure of working wth a good friend of mine Jeremy Nunes. We did 3 shows at the Holly Hotel which by the way is not a hotel at all but a restaurant. Don’t let that mess with you cause there is a shop in town that has on the door “Probable Hours” whatever that means. Well the first and only show on Friday was a little rough. There were maybe 31 people in attendance and it was going fine for me till i did  an Obama bit and lost the crowd for the remainder of the my time. (they were card carrying Republicans and just the mere mention of Barrack closed their ears and tightened their butts). But to redeem myself on Saturday first show I vowed not to do bit and  had a great set, room was standing oom only and it went great. The second show on Saturday was a real throw away their were only 12 people their so I didn’t worry about doing my killer material and concentrated on practicing the new stuff (yep i looked at it as an open mic-practice time) and the crowd (I use that term loosely) seemed to have enjoyed themselves.

Wild thing is I had a stalker lady offer to do me in her suburban while her Labrador sat in the back. I havent had sex in a car since I was 16 and I was not about to try given bad back and fear of exposing myself to a dog. ( And i am not talking about the Labrador)

Down sides to Holly is my hotel i’m sorry motel (cause your bedroom door opens to a street) was located 30 minutes away in Flint. I guess I needed to find someplace with restaurant in the title to rent a room for the nite. Lets just hope the check clears

By Gene Renfroe