June 27th Radio Show

Educatedinsanity.com or the Best way to spend a Wednesday afternoon

Jay Washington

I had the pleasure of being a gues on Jay Washington’s Radio Show called Educated Insanity. Jay is a very good friend of mine as well as a very funny comedian. His Co host Illinois Jones (AKA Mike)

was a pleasure to work with , and both treated me better than family in the studio.  If you have never listened to this show please give it a try its free and these brothers are doing their thing. And just to give you a sample is an interview with me on the link below. http://educatedinsanity.com/2012/06/28/educated-insanity-interviews-comedian-gene-renfroe/

Just want to shout out to Jay and Mike great times can’t wait to come back and what people don’t know is that the view from your studio is awesome. Its street level and on State Street in Chicago and man these brothers have the best gig in the world (for no pay) and they have fun with it.  Than x for having me I had a blast , hope yu don’t get hate mail for my abortion comment. LOL

Illinois Jones

By Gene Renfroe