August 10th & 11th Riddles Comedy Club Alsip, IL

Kelley Howard

Kelley Howard headlined featrured by Vince Carone

great shows. It was great to see the growth in this young lady vey funny.



Vince Carone and I go back many years to open mics and struggling to get stage time

Vince Carone



Mt Road dog and trusted friend and comic Ralphie Roberts stopped by.

Ralphie Ralph

Ralphie Roberts











Good friend and up and coming young comic —( wait for it) Mitch Hurly

Mitch Hurley




By Gene Renfroe

August 3rd & 4th Riddles Comedy Club Alsip, IL

The first of five weekends in a row where I will be hosting and working on my short set as well as other skills ( and I don’t mean not slurring cause of alcohol)

Fun Weekend first it was headlined by a good friend of mine that I have had the pleasure of working with numerous times during my career Paul Kelly. And the feture act that weekend was a new friend of mine Ben Tedder (love the DILF joke)

Another friend was made with my favorite bartender Ian (always had a cold one waiting for me).

My favorite bartender Ian



By Gene Renfroe

Tuesday July 31 Antonio’s Bar & Grill

Demetrio is the haqrdest working promoter around he put on a Black comedy show in a Mexican restuarant in historically White Berwyn IL now thats hustle. Tops off to you bro see you again soon I had fun. Nows heres a few pictures of the comics that performed.

Demetrio hosted, hen Davey Helms who runs a workout room on suinday nites in Forest Park, IL at Murphy’s Pub (where a legendary event took place last time i went , not going to get into specifics but a comic was slapped by the girl he brought to show). A;lso rounding out the show besides me, Lil Rel graced us with his presence a good friend of mine who i hadn’t seen in years though we talked in the last year on the phone. There was a female comic but I forgot her name and then a new friend Calvin Evans.

Demetrio Johnson and me

Nice stage great room for comedy need a spotlight. (prima donna moment sorry)

Davey Boy Helms

Davey Boy Helms

And he’s a teacher (Right On Bro)

Calvin Evans

Calvin Evans

A very talented young man with great improvisational skills

A young man who’s had much success and should have a lot more coming cause hes very talented from his characters to story telling. He is a house MC at Jokes and Notes, been on NBC Last Comic Standing and I don’t even know all his accomplishments nor do I have the room to post them, but moost of all a good guy who has always shown mwe love since my open mic days.

By Gene Renfroe

July 27th Kryptonite Music Lounge Rockford, IL


Louse Seijas

Another hot as crap nite in the midwest temps were a thousand degrees in the sun and then there was a comedy show produced and hosted by Louse Seijas. Now i know you may be wondering how did Gene end up on this show and I have to be honest it was all due to Louse. I had performed in the area a couple of months earlier and after the show Lose approached me and yold me he is a comic and was producing a show in July and did I want to be a part of it cause it was the first time he was doing a show. Did he proceeded to lure me in my adding I can’t pay you a lot but i can guarantee you $65.

Why wouldn’t i jump at the chance ? First show ever by an unknown promoter/comic this show had disaster written all over it and I agreed cause I like to see new guys succeed. And succeed Louse did.

The bar was primed foro comedy, cause they usually do bands so ther was stage, mic and sound system, the palce was packed sold out even and the line up that Louse put on was terrific. He hand picked everyone on the show and we all had a great time. The lineup included : Louse as MC, Chris German, Jesus Correa, Scott Galvin, Marcos Lupara, and  Chris Nelson. With a line up like that and $65 bucks count me in everytimr bro.


By Gene Renfroe

July 6th & 7th Jukebox Comedy Club Peoria, IL

After waiting 5 years trying to get into this club, i got in and the wait was worth it. First i got to feature for the very funny LA based comic Sean Rouse for 4 shows. But then i got to be around a truly wonderful friend and comic Brett Erickson the house MC (who normally headlines) Brett is one of those comics you meet and watch cause everytime i see him perform i learn something new about comedy. 4 shows during one of the worst heat spells in the midwest it had to be 104 -110 degrees during the day and people came out ot enjoy our comedy performances. They were a great audience each show and i made a few friends in Peoria.

Special shout out to the owner Dan thanx for letting me grace your stage. He made cookies Friday nite that were deliscious and no they were regular non 420 cookies.

Dan owner of Jukebox

Rob the Bartender

By Gene Renfroe