July 27th Kryptonite Music Lounge Rockford, IL


Louse Seijas

Another hot as crap nite in the midwest temps were a thousand degrees in the sun and then there was a comedy show produced and hosted by Louse Seijas. Now i know you may be wondering how did Gene end up on this show and I have to be honest it was all due to Louse. I had performed in the area a couple of months earlier and after the show Lose approached me and yold me he is a comic and was producing a show in July and did I want to be a part of it cause it was the first time he was doing a show. Did he proceeded to lure me in my adding I can’t pay you a lot but i can guarantee you $65.

Why wouldn’t i jump at the chance ? First show ever by an unknown promoter/comic this show had disaster written all over it and I agreed cause I like to see new guys succeed. And succeed Louse did.

The bar was primed foro comedy, cause they usually do bands so ther was stage, mic and sound system, the palce was packed sold out even and the line up that Louse put on was terrific. He hand picked everyone on the show and we all had a great time. The lineup included : Louse as MC, Chris German, Jesus Correa, Scott Galvin, Marcos Lupara, and  Chris Nelson. With a line up like that and $65 bucks count me in everytimr bro.


By Gene Renfroe

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