Tuesday July 31 Antonio’s Bar & Grill

Demetrio is the haqrdest working promoter around he put on a Black comedy show in a Mexican restuarant in historically White Berwyn IL now thats hustle. Tops off to you bro see you again soon I had fun. Nows heres a few pictures of the comics that performed.

Demetrio hosted, hen Davey Helms who runs a workout room on suinday nites in Forest Park, IL at Murphy’s Pub (where a legendary event took place last time i went , not going to get into specifics but a comic was slapped by the girl he brought to show). A;lso rounding out the show besides me, Lil Rel graced us with his presence a good friend of mine who i hadn’t seen in years though we talked in the last year on the phone. There was a female comic but I forgot her name and then a new friend Calvin Evans.

Demetrio Johnson and me

Nice stage great room for comedy need a spotlight. (prima donna moment sorry)

Davey Boy Helms

Davey Boy Helms

And he’s a teacher (Right On Bro)

Calvin Evans

Calvin Evans

A very talented young man with great improvisational skills

A young man who’s had much success and should have a lot more coming cause hes very talented from his characters to story telling. He is a house MC at Jokes and Notes, been on NBC Last Comic Standing and I don’t even know all his accomplishments nor do I have the room to post them, but moost of all a good guy who has always shown mwe love since my open mic days.

By Gene Renfroe

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