Might find  some some famous faces on this one like Leon Rogers, Ill Will , Deon Cole, Marc Henderson, Muhammad, and of course Tony Roberts pic taken circa 2005

Here are some of my  favorite Chicago Comics I have had the pleasure of working with:

Tony Boswell, Topeka, KS April 15th 2012

Ralphie Roberts and Leah Eva

Tim Clue

Alex Ortiz at Riddles

One of the Puterbaugh Sisters

Jeff Havens & Uncle Lar

Tony Blanco

Jayson Cross

Jim Wiggins


Here are comics that i have worked with on the road and became good friends

Maria Campiona 2009 North Carolina Comedy and Arts Festival

Jeff Havens

Eric Kirkland

Mike Conners Cuyahoga Falls 1/08

My co stars Catch A rising Star Providence RI 10/11

the famous and infamous Kevin Bozeman

Kevin Richards 2007 Seattle Comedy Festival

Here are a few of my favorite Canadian Comics

Kent Tilley

Sean Baptiste

Marvin Krawczyk

Dave Stawnichy

My favorite owners

Cliff of Skyline Comedy Cafe Appleton, WI

Ken Stevens owner of Riddles

Gary Field’s

Timmy owner of Nutt Street

Rememeber Sugar Hill Gang only rap song I learned because I was pledging Me and Master G at the Knitting Factory Brooklyn NY Fall of 2011







and who could forget Wonder Mike


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